Children’s Room

Hi all! Connor here, the children’s librarian at the AFPL. If you have any questions about the stuff on this page, please give us a call when we’re open, or shoot me an email at


Note: As with all library goings-on, we the librarians (and as we understand it, many of you, our patrons) feel a lot safer when folks wear masks to these gatherings. We try to pay attention to ventilation as well, utilizing CR boxes to address our building’s shortcomings on that front. The COVID-19 problem doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, so lets work together to keep our gatherings safe!


Every Wednesday @ 11! When the weather is nice enough, storytime will be held outside. Enjoy this opportunity to hear some stories and make some new friends.


Wednesdays at 2, kids are encouraged to come play together at the library, supervision can be provided upon request.

Summer Reading 2022

Our summer reading program this year is all about Letterboxing! We have prepared Three treasure maps for letterboxes we’ve hidden around Ashby. We’ll give you a piece of a map every time you use the library! Come into the library and get your Adventure Kit, which include a notebook, compass, inkpad, and their own signature stamp! Here are the basics:

  1. Every time you come into the library you get a piece of a treasure map. Each map has 4 pieces.
  2. Once you’ve pieced together the map, go out and find the treasure! Two of them will tell you the location, and the third requires a little research.
  3. When you go looking for treasure, be sure you bring your notebook, compass, stamp, and inkpad.
  4. The treasure (aka Letterbox) will contain a small booklet and a stamp.
  5. You can make an impression of the treasure stamp in your book, and your stamp in the treasure book. It’s also nice to include a name and date so other treasure hunters can see who’s been there and when!
  6. If you’d like, bring each stamp you’ve collected back to the library to get a ticket for the Friends of the Library raffle!

We’ll be running programs about this throughout the summer, including adventure storytimes, make your own stamp, and make and hide your own letterbox! If you’re itching for more letterboxing, check out Atlas Quest! You can make an account there to find all the nearby letterboxes, attend events, learn about carving stamps, and more!